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The Lord Has Blessed Me and I Want You to Share in His Joy and Abundance
Hi, my name is Karen. I want to share the goodness of God with you during this surreal time that most of us have not experienced. There is so much uncertainty in the world and with every turn, there is nothing but negative news about Covid-19. Job losses, families unable to make ends meet, and suffering all over the world. To date, I have heard nothing positive in the news as yet, so, watching the news is something I have decided to scrap out of my daily routine. Yes, it's important to know what's going on around the world, but all we need friends is 15 minutes to read news on the internet to know about what's going on around the world. I think you would have gathered by now that the media tends to repeat everything they say in circles of half hour so if you've listened to the news for 30 minutes - you've probably listened to enough. It is important to guard your soul and spirit and not let the negativity get into you - yes, into you.

This site has been built not just to sell books and other gifts, but to also create a community of fellowship to in the current situation help us get through Covid-19 by helping each other pull through difficult times. In due course, I hope that this will be a site for friendship and a celebration of God's Goodness. As the Lord said in Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Regardless of the fact that this is a website, the Lord is still here in our midst.

Let me share my brief story with you. I was born and bred in Singapore in a closely knit Catholic home. I grew up in a Catholic school, was involved in the youth ministry, married a Catholic man and worked in Melbourne before immigrating to New Zealand in 2005.

In 2014, I gave up on religion as I was at the end of my tether after praying for 20 long years for peace in my marriage that never came. The only reason I continued my existence at that time was because of my two lovely children whom I lived for - I would have given up way before if it was not for them.

Whilst I felt like I was ticking along fine on the outside, I knew I wasn't right on the inside. In January 2019, I hit rock bottom and had a mental breakdown. Just when I had given up on life and was sitting in my car overlooking the bank, contemplating on what I was going to do, I received a text message from a friend of a friend whom I had spoken to by text probably a couple of times before. The strangest thing was - where I was parked, there was no cellphone or Wi-Fi reception. Yet, somehow I managed to get his message from Singapore via What's App. His message to me was a link to a talk by Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. (I highly recommend listening to his talks - please click on the link to be directed to Lakewood Church).

My mum had tried over the years to coerce me to listen to his talks, but I had refused. For some reason, however, I was "pulled" to listen to him that night. And when I tried to click on the link then, it wouldn't work as I had no reception, so I was forced to go home. I am so glad I did that and since then my life has never been the same. In that message I heard, it was The Lord, talk to me through Pastor Joel Osteen.

Since then, I have seen nothing but God's blessings in my life and I am determined to share that with you. I can't contain it all and I felt a calling to share God's message. Never in my wildest dream would I have ever imagined to be free of Depression which I suffered for over 25 years. I am cured of Fibromyalgia of which kept me bedridden for 3 years. I used to live on morphine tablets to deal with the pain, but that meant that I could not function. I was dopey all day and could not drive my kids to their sports or music and their life came to a halt. My kids still needed me then. My daughter sacrificed the most. She had to be a mother when she was at an age where she should have been partying and enjoying life - but she didn't. She had to prepare dinner for her brother because I spent most of my time in bed.

Today, I live an absolutely normal life. I have my aches and pains occasionally when it's cold, but nothing like before. I work in a full time job when my doctors had put me on a Supported Living Benefit for a lifetime in 2014. But Our God is the God that Healeth Us. After years and years of financial struggle, I have finally come out at the other end and the blessings continue and I promise to share this with you in both my books. There is no secret. All you need to do is to tap into God's promises in the Bible. Something I never knew how to do; because in all honesty, when I was growing up, I tried reading the Bible, but it made me fall asleep all the time! God can do things for you that you never can imagine to be possible.

Through Pastor Joel Osteen, I have been led to other talks - I have named them in my book - "The Book of Hope. There is a story behind writing The Book of Hope and I ask you to please pass the message on to as many people as you know and to those you think may benefit from the book.

Thanks for being part of this community.

With Love

The Story of The Book of Hope
The Book of Hope came about during the time when New Zealand was in Level 4, State of Emergency Lockdown for Covid-19. New Zealand went into a lockdown on the 25th of March at 11:59pm. Our lives had suddenly come to a complete standstill. Everything had to shutdown - no shops, no takeaways. Zilch! It felt so surreal - it was as if I was in a war movie where there was no life around. No people, no cars in the streets. The message from the authorities were clear - "Stay Home".

Apart from the bare minimum Essential Services, no other businesses were allowed to operate. Unlike many other countries, our Essential Services were literally Essential Services. This meant the Authorities, Civil Defence, Hospitals, Commercial Cleaning Services that were cleaning Essential Services such as the Covid-19 Test Centres, Hospitals etc. You could not see your doctor, you had to call them. Trades people were allowed to work under extremely strict conditions - fully covered (it reminded me of the people who worked in the Ebola Centres!). They were only allowed to fix emergency items like blown oven fuses or water heater elements.

You couldn't go to the supermarket with your family. Only one person was allowed and you had to queue. They limited the number of people that were in the store. As one person came out one was let in. In consideration for the next person in line, you had to shop fast and for that you had to be really organised.

You had to stay within your bubble. Whoever you were with at 11:59pm on the 25th of March was who you were going to spend the entire Level 4 lockdown period with. Thank goodness I have my 18 year old son with me or I would have gone bonkers. But I was really upset as my daughter lives in town and usually spends alternate weekends with us but I could not see her for the entire lockdown period. Being immune compromised, I was really worried for her. But all I could do was pray.

Nevertheless, a week into lockdown, work became extremely busy and I had to assist our Franchisees who were cleaners to obtain the subsidy the government had granted self-employed businesses. That was the time my heart broke. Every Franchisee that called had a story. I spoke to and assisted over 120 Franchisees over a three day period but I can tell you that I never had a dry eye when I went to sleep at night since that day. I paced the floor and some nights started work the next morning without a wink of sleep as I was so heartbroken and distressed listening to franchisees who had just bought houses and now with the lockdown, had no income from their cleaning business to pay their mortgage. Or someone who had just given birth and her husband had been made redundant, hence no income at all in the family. Some with young children couldn't make ends meet as the kids had to stay home and be home-schooled and therefore needed more household income to meet the food bill for the families. The stories went on and on. And many new franchisees were not entitled to the subsidy and therefore had zero income to rely on.

The other accountant I worked with was a Christian and she knew the stress I was going through and she sent me scriptures throughout the day to keep me going. At one point I thought - I should find a way to pass the message of "God supplying the needs to His people according to His Riches". I didn't know how. In the last 18 months I knew how to ask God for a solution to problems before I slept and the answer would always come to me within a couple of days either in a dream or a sudden "light bulb moment". I tried that at night, but my distress kept me awake most of the night and there was no answer.

But I knew the Lord sometimes takes a few days so I continued praying for an answer as I went through my day. As I was speaking to a Franchisee that day, she told me that I should write a book. Viola! There was my answer! I already have a book contract for another book, the Lord Delights in Prospering His People but for some reason the idea of writing a book didn't cross my mind.

After considering it, I thought it wouldn't make sense. As the logistics were not possible. I had to write, get it self-published, then distribute it. Chances are Covid-19 would be done and dusted by then. I needed something to happen straight-away. So I gave up on the idea. But when I woke up the next morning, everything was laid out straight in front of me. Including the title. I had initially called the book, "The Miracles of the Lord", but when I woke up, it was as clear as day that the book was to be called "The Book of Hope".

I don't know how and why but I was asked to release it chapter by chapter each week for ten consecutive weeks. The first chapter was written in the 2nd week of April 2020, but I have been so fearful of releasing it as I am an accountant not an author. But I went back to Our Source, Our God and prayed over and over again and he has spoken to me through so many ways - people, the talks I listen, to encourage me to release this book. So finally with all my courage, I am now releasing The Book of Hope, chapter by chapter

I sincerely hope that this book will give you all the grace you need to help you pull through not just these difficult times, but also give you abundance for a lifetime as you see God in a new light.


The Book of Hope - Covid-19
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